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What makes OPUS Homes so different than all the other builders?

We believe our greatest strength is our personnel. We have gone to great lengths to select a diligent, competent and client focused team. We are a passionate group of diverse individuals that are committed to producing value in the product we represent. Feel free to view our corporate video on our web site along with our staff bio's.

Do I require a mortgage preapproval to purchase a home ?

No, however prudent financial planning is essential to the home buying process. The reason that OPUS does not insist on a preapproval is that it is an assumption on our part that client have done there due diligent in this area. Many builders insist upon it as a condition of the agreement. The fact that numerous social and economic factors can change in a clients life between the purchase and the possession date is the basis for our non perusal of the approval.

Why are the sales personnel unwilling to accept my offer ?

As in any business, we provide our personnel with working parameters in order to complete their work day. Unlike MLS sales, ours is not an emotional purchase, we have predetermined costs and valuations of values and our realtors are given specific guidelines and instruction to accept offers within a certain parameter.

Will my home look identical to the brochure images ?

In principal yes. However, due to driveway locations; that are predetermined through the engineering process, 50% of homes may be effected by the "mirror image effect", wherein the home may be positioned in the reverse image of the brochure.

Once signed, can I be released from the agreement ?

No. Other than when a condition of finance clause is in effect and the client terminates the deal within the outlined period. Should a client require to terminate the agreement, the deposits are forfeited and the client is subject to pay costs if the builder has damages in relation to the cancelled agreement.

When do I choose my interior finishes?

You will be invited to our Décor Studio months prior to starting construction and several months after your initial purchase. We shall issue a customized Price Booklet specific to your model to help with your budgeting. In addition, we welcome you to browse our Decor Studio during predetermined browsing hours at your leisure.

What should I bring to my Décor appointment ?

Ideally all we require is that you bring some sense of your décor profile. This can be achieved by clipping magazine images of designs that suit your style. In additon, and given the massive selection of applainces on the market, having made this slection process and providing the consultant the appliance specifications goes along way for an efficient appointment.

Will I have to go to numerous places to make my décor selections?

No, OPUS homes offers an inhouse Décor Studio located within our Head Offices in Vaughan. We showcase numerous standard and upper tier finishes to accommodate all budgets. Our Décor Pro will take you through the process in 2 stages; Tier I (electrical, mechanical and minor framing changes), and Tier II (interior finishes such as tile, cabinets and hardwood). Feel free to view our Decor Studio images on our website.

What other costs can I expect over and above the purchase price ?

Our sales team provides a detailed list of all additional costs a client should budget for on possession at the point of sale. These costs could encompass the following; land transfer tax, legal fees and adjustments, mortgage broker fees and CHMC (Canada Housing & Mortgage Company) fees (if applicable), Tarion Enrollment Fees, water meter and gas meter fees, top coat of driveway fee, tree planting (if applicable), property tax adjustment fees and lot grading fee.

May I visit my home during construction ?

For safety reasons, we do not permit access to the home, however we have instituted a Framewalk Program. This is the opportunity for you to inspect the home prior to drywall being installed with our Site Manager. During this visit, a thorough review of the framing mechanical and electrical systems will be reviewed along with a review of any additional upper tier selections a client may have purchased.

Can we make changes to the house?

We understand that changes are a part of life when building a home and we are flexible and accommodating depending on the type of request and the timing in relation to the building process. Cost effectiveness, feasibility and any delays are all taken into account in every change before they are considered. Due to the nature of the change, municipal approvals may be required as a result of altering an originally approved drawing, further complicating the process.

What is the process in selecting bricks for my home ?

Due to Architectual Control Guidelines there are several parametres that must be adhered too in order to prevent exterior colour package reputation. Typically the same colour package can not be repeated for two lots on either side of your home, nor can it appear directly across the street. For this reason OPUS offers clients the opportunity to select their exterior package on a first come first served basis and therein requests the client selects from 3 of their preferred packages; in the event we can not accommodate the first choice.

How do I know what my possession date will be?

OPUS Homes prides itself on an efficient construction process and rarely extends possession dates. Unless otherwise informed in writing, the Interim Occupancy date shown on the front page of the Agreement of Purchase & Sale will be the possession date. Should we require to delay a possession date you will be informed 60 days prior.

Why is there nothing happening at my house on certain days?

We try to keep new home construction running as smooth as possible, but issues often come up. When this happens, we do what is necessary to get clarification before we proceed with the construction of your home. This sometimes causes delays in our schedule. Also, we schedule many of our trades people well in advance of them actually doing the work. We also have inspection days where we get the local municipalities to do their new home inspections. Lastly, due to municipal requirements, we select a series of homes throughout the community and designate them as firebreaks. This means, that for every row of homes, a series of units are left unframed until such a time as the adjoining units are bricked, this is done to limit the unforseen risk of fire from enveloping the entire street.

Can I make changes to my home after I sign off on the drawing ?

Our new home building process is set up to ensure we go through your home and the many custom home changes you may make thoroughly before we release the new home plans to construction. Once construction has the go ahead that you have made all your changes, additions and revisions, we proceed with building the home. Changes after the release to construction is the number one factor in builder error, and we strive to avoid these errors.

Do you allow smoking in my home during construction?

Smoking is prohibited in our homes or site trailers alike. 

What should I do if I see an error or omission in my home during construction?

Can we schedule our customer meetings after 5:00pm or on weekends?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. OPUS Homes prides itself on being a family oriented home builder and we do not want our office or field staff to work after hours. We feel that family hours are just as important as work hours. This will apply to Framewalks, PreDelivery Inspections, and Servicemen and Decor Studio visits.

Can I move items into the garage before I take possession of my home?

Although we do not encourage this practice, often times families find conflicting situations with moving dates. Enabling this access shall require a signoff of a Garage Access Waiver. When the key is released to the client, the contents become your sole responsibility. Theft on site is very common, hence we caution clients accordingly. Please contact head office to make these arrangements if required.

Can I pay sub-trades or suppliers directly if I want something changed during construction?

Absolutely not. Should works of this nature occur, the Agreement of Purchase & Sale shall be breached and serious repercussions shall be in effect.

Am I allowed to get my window covering supplier to install window coverings in my home before I take possession?

No, we only allow our contracted home builders and trades people to do work on our homes. They carry Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation, so if something were to happen to the home or the trade, we would be covered. Also, with our trades, we can control the quality and schedule of the home. For those reasons, we do not allow anybody other than OPUS Homes builders & trades on site.

Why is there a difference in the stain color on my hardwood and stained staircase?

As a result of the variation in wood grains and species, it will be an impossibility for the staircase lumber and the prestained hardwood lumber to take stain the same way and therefore a color and sheen variation will exist. This is not a new phenomenon and has been an industry issue for many years, particularly since the advent of prefinished hardwood (finished , sanded and stain in a controlled factory environment vs. staircase stained by hand in a semi controlled environment).

What if I want to change my closing day?

Due to construction financing and the interest carrying costs therein, Opus does not view the request to defer the closing date favorably, as we are charged interest for every day the title has not been transferred to the client. With that said, we recognize the requirement to coordinate selling another property, work obligations ect and therein grant a one week extension (if required) without penalty. For every day thereafter, interest charges will be in effect on a per diem basis.

The color of my tiles looks a little different than the Decor Studio samples ?

Shading and color variation are not uncommon with ceramic tile manufacturing. Often, the sample provided within a Décor Centre are on premises for 6/18 months, during which time the international manufacturers may have color continuum issues in the plants. OPUS strives to have our suppliers update our tiles samples quarterly in an effort to avoid this problem. A slight color variation from the sample in considered acceptable within Tarion guidelines.

Will I receive my garage man door ?

We strive to create designs that accommodate the man door by sinking the laundry where ever possible in order to achieve the OBC (Ontario Building Code) requirements for door height clearance in relation to the garage slab. It is an OPUS policy to build the door header in place regardless if the door is permitted by the grading to be installed, so that the client can install the door after possession. We recognize the sensitivity of this matter and keep it top of mind during the design and building process.

What can I expect from your warranty policy?

Excellence in client service is what we strive for. With that said there are numerous moving parts within our industry including the challenge of scheduling tradesmen in your new home after possession. Upon completion of the Pre Delivery Inspection 5 to 10 days prior to possession, we will strive to complete the entire list prior to your occupancy of the home. Thereafter, we welcome a 30 day form which shall be included within the your PDI Package for you to add any additional items you may notice while your living in the homes, in both instances Tarion rules state that a builder has 120 days to complete the items on either list. The final opportunity to conclude additional repairs is known as the Year End List, which you may submit 12 months after possession.

What happens on closing day?

Both the solicitors for either party along with the financial institution funding the mortage are working in unison to achieve all the legal, mortgage, and municipal sign offs required. Typically the registration of the home in the clients name occurs in the afternoon and therefore the keys for your new home are released to you at the construction trailer for pickup. Due to the many factors at play on closing day, it is not uncommon for the release of keys to occur very late in the day, to avoid this, we advise you to press your solicitor to act promptly and serve the documents and funds to our solicitor as early as possible to avoid delay.

When can I install my fence ?

The function of installing a fence is between individual clients, OPUS does not play a role in this. With that said, fencing can't commence until sodding has been laid and the settlement of the sod has occurred. This is generally 6/12 months after the sod has been laid. Should settlement occur, our forces are required to remedy these settlement in accordance with municipal requirements and will need full access to rear yards to accomplish this task.

When does seasonal work get completed ?

Seasonal work includes driveways , sidewalks, exterior painting, eaves trough, down spouts, patio slabs and grading. We focus on starting seasonal completions in May and or after we get strong rains. The reason for this is that we want natural settlement to occur around your new home so that settlement issues do not cause you problems down the road. Once settlement occurs, we will pave the driveway and lay the sod. When completing seasonal items for newly built homes, we do not do it in order of possession dates, but rather in a flow through method. You will be notified several weeks in advance for driveway completion to ensure vehicles are parked on the road.