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Buying a Home in Richlands - Important Information

on May 01, 2017

There’s no doubt about it, Richlands is one of the hottest new communities to launch in 2017.  We have fielded many calls from eager buyers looking to secure a spot at our opening.  In response to this, we wish to clarify a few very important points:

• We wish to ensure an equitable process for all prospective home buyers by offering an online appointment process. Details on how to obtain an appointment will be sent out to all registrants in the coming weeks.
• Rest assured that the rumors of VIP broker events are merely that…rumors. We intend for these homes to be purchased by families who wish to live in this community.
• Respectfully, we are not cooperating with brokers and real estate agents
• We will not be allowing assignments.
• Once appointments are made, please DO NOT pay anyone who is trying to sell their “appointment time”. We will not let anyone into the sales office whose name does not match the name that the appointment is booked under and photo ID will be required.
• Additionally, DO NOT pay anyone who is telling you they are a “builder representative and can get you ahead of the line for a fee”… This is a scam, one that unfortunately is being used in the industry. We will only be allowing those who have booked an appointment online into the sales office to purchase.

At OPUS Homes the fair, honest and respectful treatment of our Clients is of the utmost importance to us. We are very excited about our up coming opening and look forward to seeing you in our Presentation Centre!