Richmond Hills


Signature Architectural Details

A home’s exterior conveys a community theme and blends into its surrounding, while speaking to the individuality of its owner. Nobody knows that better than Rob Nicolucci of RN Design, the architect commissioned by OPUS Homes to create the collection of inspired home designs available at Richlands.


How did you get started on Richlands?

Before we start a project like this, we sit down with OPUS and discuss the look and feel we want to achieve for the community. This project started the same way, by discussing design, materials and the designforward buyers who would be attracted to our architecture. After some brainstorming, we decided to use brick, stone and stucco as our main materials, and from there we just took off.


Who were you designing for?

The team agreed that with the Family Collection, we wanted to attract design-forward clients. The contemporary designs were fun because we used stone, stucco and cedar looking finishes to create a cool, elegant, beautiful elevation to speak to those looking for something new.


What is it like working with OPUS?

OPUS has built their reputation on creating communities that set them apart from the norm, and we are always happy to help achieve their goal. Their attention to detail and understanding on executing those details sets their houses apart. Collectively we review all plans and elevations as a group, and discuss every detail to ensure the designs perfectly suit our buyers, and that they all have that special OPUS and RN touch to them.