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Homebuilding Practices that Will Benefit Future Generations

One of our core beliefs is to provide our clients with healthy, energy efficient homes using environmentally sustainable practices. Our GoGreen ™ program provides you and your family with just that.

OPUS Homes has been recognized as the 2023 Air Tightness Champion for Single Detached Homes – this recognition showcases builders and renovators who have established best practices and are constantly building to excellent air tightness industry-leading levels.

Our Go Green practices help to make a difference in the following areas.

For more details, click on the categories below:

Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Upgraded ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fixtures with LED bulbs.
  • Electronic Programmable Thermostats to better regulate temperature distribution and conserve energy.
  • Triple glazed windows for additional insulation and noise reduction.
  • Exterior sheathing for additional insulation to the home.
  • Sealed basement ducts which reduce heat loss at duct joints.
  • Steel insulated roll-up garage door for added insulation.
  • Expanding foam insulation applied around all windows and doors for draft prevention.
  • ENERGY STAR rated water tank rental.
  • Low-flow toilets and Moen Eco-Performance faucets and shower heads featured throughout all baths to enhance water conservation.
  • Water filtration turns ordinary water into high-quality drinking water.
  • Electric car charger rough-in for environmental trailblazers.
  • MDF Trim made from renewable resource.
  • Engineered hardwoods selected from sustainable forests.
  • Broadloom and adhesives are Green Label Plus certified and are produced using completely recycled materials within an optimized manufacturing facility.
  • Recycled materials used throughout the building process.
  • A Waste Management Program that is carried out by the construction team includes source separation, lumber and drywall recycling, and the reuse of temporary stairs and railings throughout the construction process.

*Items may vary depending on community.


Working in conjunction with Canada’s Energy Star® rating system, our GoGreen™ Program provides you and your family with a home that saves energy, conserves water, preserves the environment, reduces emissions, and promotes clean indoor air all while using the latest in environmentally sustainable materials and practices.


1. Energy Star® Certified homes

2. Electronic programmable thermostat controlling Energy Star® high-efficiency furnace

3. Fresh Home Air Exchanger, AC unit, humidifier and low VOC paints to promote clean air

4. Energy Star® rental hot water tank and exhaust fans

5. Exterior Rigid Insulation Sheathing for added insulation and noise reduction

6. Sealing of ducts, windows, doors and areas susceptible to heat loss and draft prevention

7. Triple Glaze Windows for extra insulation and noise reduction

8. Plumbing fixtures and faucets that promote water conservation

9. LED Light bulbs to help conserve energy

10. Electric Car Charger rough-in for environmental trailblazers

11. Engineered hardwood floors from sustainable forests

12. Green Label Plus™ certified carpets

13. The use of recycled materials throughout the building process

14. Steel insulated garage doors for added insulation

15. Water filtration system turns ordinary tap water into high quality drinking water

Features subject to change based on model selected.

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