Frequently Asked Questions

What makes OPUS Homes so different than all the other builders?


What makes OPUS Homes so different than all the other builders?
Do I require a mortgage preapproval to purchase a home ?
Why are the sales personnel unwilling to accept my offer ?
Will my home look identical to the brochure images ?
Once signed, can I be released from the agreement ?
When do I choose my interior finishes?
What other costs can I expect over and above the purchase price ?
May I visit my home during construction ?
Can we make changes to the house?
What is the process in selecting bricks for my home ?
How do I know what my possession date will be?
Why is there nothing happening at my house on certain days?
Can I make changes to my home after I sign off on the drawing ?
Do you allow smoking in my home during construction?
What should I do if I see an error or omission in my home during construction?
Can we schedule our customer meetings after 5:00pm or on weekends?
Can I move items into the garage before I take possession of my home?
Can I pay sub-trades or suppliers directly if I want something changed during construction?
Am I allowed to get my window covering supplier to install window coverings in my home before I take possession?
Why is there a difference in the stain color on my hardwood and stained staircase?
What if I want to change my closing day?
The color of my tiles looks a little different than the Decor Studio samples ?
Will I receive my garage man door ?
What can I expect from your warranty policy?
What happens on closing day?
When can I install my fence ?
When does seasonal work get completed ?

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