Get Organized to Tackle Your Busy Spring!

Springtime is typically the time to clean out the old, and prepare for the new.  And if it’s a fresh start you crave, we’ve got you covered with an amazing selection of homes at our new home communities in Whitby and Brampton. Origins offers a wide selection of detached, semi-detached and townhomes in Brampton, and Whitby Meadows is now previewing our wide selection of detached homes in Whitby, as well as our new release of Whitby towns, coming this spring!

This month, we’ve been sharing our tips for staying organized.  Whether you’re living in a new home, or searching for one, we’ve got you covered with ways to stay organized and get ahead of the curve this spring.


Getting Organized, and Staying that Way


As with most things, the most important thing to do, is to begin. Take a hard look at the tasks to do and pick an easy one. Getting started and accomplishing even a small task will motivate you.

As you drink your morning coffee, use this time to sort out your top priorities and write a short list of ‘must-do’s’.  Time management experts say to keep it small and achievable.










Organize family papers on clipboards hung on hooks on the walls. Designate a clipboard for each family member or task. This keeps a handle on school forms, household bills and shopping lists.

Keep the clipboards neat and tidy and try a painted pegboard or cork board to contain them. This way, the look is intentional, not messy.











Start with meal planning and the most important meal of the day, breakfast.  Busy families keep on top of nutrition with meal planning.  Clean and cut your fresh fruits and veggies on shopping day to have an assortment of healthy snacks all week long.

Use a list, or take advantage of grocery delivery services now widely available.











Wake up ready to go. Many of us sleep better knowing our ‘essentials’ are close by.  Keep your phone, pocket change, watch and daily essentials close to your bed, so they aren’t forgotten when you start your day.

Just remember to turn off your notifications for a better nights’ sleep.











Those passionate about home organization get a little extra help from journaling with a pen and paper. There’s something so satisfying about the hand-written journal or note, and the ability to cross-off that ‘to-do’ with a decisive pen stroke.

Bullet-journaling is also very popular now. A bullet journal is a careful reflection of not only your tasks, but also your goals. It’s indexed and can be as complex as you have time for.











With home organization, the sky’s the limit to how you can keep things neat and tidy. When you’re moving into your new home, as you unpack, consider how you can make the very most of the extra closet space and kitchen cabinets, before things get crowded!

For information about some of OPUS Homes’ great home designs that include great home organization spaces such as walk-in closets, pantries, storage areas, and extended kitchen cabinets, take a look at our new homes at Richlands, Whitby Meadows and Origins, Brampton.