OPUS Homes Launches Industry’s First Touchless ‘Get to Know Your Home’ Program for New Homeowners

Revolutionizing the way homeowners get to know the inner-workings of their new home, OPUS Homes has created an innovative new touchless program using QR codes and personal videos that homeowners can access on their smartphone anytime.

Imagine having maintenance questions about your new furnace, water heater or humidifier. Now with a quick scan of a QR code sticker on those feature items, you can have answers from knowledgeable members of the OPUS team in the palm of your hand.

The first of its kind, this touchless educational program will now be in every new OPUS home and will come in handy as homeowners get to know various aspects of their home over time.

At any time, homeowners can select an item in their home that they wish to know more about and a short maintenance video, recorded by Jimmy Rego, OPUS Homes Client Care Coordinator, will pop up providing important details about its specific features.

It’s quick and easy – and the best part is that these videos can be viewed at anytime providing one-on-one maintenance guidance for the entire duration of your homeownership. This innovative and touchless program is educational for homeowners and it helps them get the most out of their new OPUS home!

OPUS remains at the forefront of implementing leading-edge technology in all facets of the homebuilding process, making each OPUS home highly interactive and user-friendly. Just another way OPUS makes life better for its clients.

Contact OPUS Homes today to learn more about our Touchless QR Program and our deep commitment to leading-edge home building practices.