Kids heading back to school? Here are Seven ways to start the year off right! ***

It’s that time of year again!

Going back to school after a long summer break can be tough. To make it easier on your entire family, we’ve identified seven ways to make the start of school that much easier.

1. Adjust Bedtime Routine

Getting out of the summer slump can be difficult. You’ll want to ensure that your kids are getting plenty of sleep when school starts. Consider gradually moving their bedtimes up by about ten minutes a night.

2. Consider Purchasing Alarm Clocks for the Kids

If your kids are extremely reluctant to get up in the morning, consider using an alarm clock.

3. Plan Early

Purchase all school supplies and any necessities before the school year begins. Calendars should be filled out with all school activities before the first day begins.

4. Plan Lunches

Prepare lunches the night before so that you don’t find yourself scrambling in the early morning hours.

5. Organize Your Kids Closets

Get all your ironing and laundry in before school starts. This can help to get everyone out the door a little faster in the morning.

6. Make a To-Do-List

Always keep a to-do list with you so that you don’t forget to get anything done.

7. Plan doctors’ visits

Book all check-ups before the school year begins so that your kids feel great and healthy before their first day.