Let’s Get Our Closets Organized This Season

Organizing your closet or your child’s closet can be a daunting task. We have decluttered, organized and reorganized every closet in our home over the years to no avail.

With a little help your closet can be efficient, neat, clean and possibly the best-looking room the house!

Follow these amazing strategies to ensure you never spend more than a couple of minutes rearranging your clothes, even during seasonal changes.

Use Built-Ins

The most efficient way to organize your closet is to get customized built-ins. Built-in closets make the best use of space in your room. They can be designed around windows/doors or customized to fit into weirdly shaped corners. They provide the best storage solutions for all your personal belongings.

Use poles for hanging, ample shelving for clothing and shoes, and designate space for storage.

Accessibility is Key

The best way to guarantee that you or your child’s closet stays organized is creating a system that can be maintained. The most used items or articles of clothing should always be at eye level and within arms reach.

Come up with a Hanging and Folding System

Designate specific areas and hang similar items together so that clothes can be picked and put away quickly.  Stack thick items like sweaters or jeans to make more space for delicate garments.

Use Colour-Coordinated Hangers

Wire and neon plastic hangers scream disorder. Clothes, no matter the category, are meant to coexist alongside one another.

Make Your Kids Independent

Children thrive on being independent. Create an efficient built-in closet system so that your kids can utilize every component of it independently. What’s better than your kids getting dressed on their own every morning!