Ladies of the Brush Bitch n’ Paint Art Auction Donates $80,000 to the Nanny Angel Network

It’s not a pretty picture. Recovering from cancer is one of the toughest things you can do. Doing that alone is hard enough, but when you’re faced with the needs of small children, it can easily be overwhelming. Enter, Nanny Angel Network (NAN).

With free in-home child care for cancer patients, the Nanny Angel Network assists mothers struggling with this disease allowing them to focus on obtaining treatment and recovering with the peace of mind in knowing that their children are being cared for.

As mothers, daughters and grandmothers who have all been touched by cancer in some way, the Ladies of the Brush knew what to do with their rapidly-expanding collection of artwork, created during their weekly “bitch and paint” art sessions. On October 18th the Ladies hosted an event to sell their artwork and donated all the proceeds to NAN.

The event was held at Copper Creek Golf Course and included savoury wine and cheese, and both a Live and Silent Art Auction. Art lovers had an opportunity to browse the collection of art, which also included donations from renowned guest artists, Doris Pontieri and Gianluca Primucci, pieces donated by NAN Volunteers, and one special work that had been donated by the wife of the late Gary Hunt, whose family benefited from the Nanny Angel Network and who unfortunately passed earlier this year.

“It is with gratitude that OPUS Homes could be part of this worthy project. It turned into a much larger event than we ever would have imagined,” said OPUS Homes President, Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, after the event. “The generosity of our guests was truly amazing.”

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